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Re: RFS: azureus (updated package, fixes RC bug)

On Wed, 2009-08-12 at 15:08 +0530, Onkar Shinde wrote:

> I have few comments about the package.

There are welcome, that was what I was asking for. ;)

> 1. In the launcher script, use of Sun java is being forced. That's a
> bad thing. Try to use java-wrappers to detect JRE, specify classpath
> and hence simplify the launcher script.

Done with java-wrappers. Thanks.

> 2. You should block all the auto-updates for this package if it is
> possible by patching the code. This makes sure that user is always
> using the package shipped in distribution and there is consistency in
> bug reports.

Working on it, although I'm not quite sure users may want this.

> 3. Is fastjar really a required build dependency?

Actually, no, that was from previous packaging. Dropped.

> 4. Are you using any features specific to version 7 of debhelper? If
> not then reduce the version in build-dep and adjust compat file
> accordingly.

Matthew answered that.

> 5. Why is junit a build dependency? I didn't see any tests being run
> at the time of package build.

It's actually required for compiling, although I could exclude tests
from the build, but those actually help me with testing, funny, ah.?

> 6. debian/build.properties should be debian/ant.properties. But  don't
> think this is major issue.

Agree. Isn't a major issue, could be renamed of course, for now I don't
see why.

> Hope this helps.

Sure it did. Uploaded to mentors, and commited at:

> Regards,
> Onkar
Best regards, 

Adrian Perez <adrianperez.deb@gmail.com>

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