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Re: RFS: yajl

> On Tuesday 04 August 2009 10:50:20 pm George Danchev wrote:
> > The package looks solid, everything is put in place and I was unable
> > to find any flaws other than boring nitpicking:
> >
> > * the short description of the libyajl1-dbg should read `... -
> > debugging symbols', instead of ` - library documentation'. Probably a
> > copy/paste ;-) * examples would help users to bootstrap more easily
> > (optional) * a watch file would help package monitoring
> > * send man pages upstream along with the patch of `PIC does not make
> > sense for static libs' ;-)
> OK.  I updated the package on mentors to take care of those issues.
> Upstream already plans to remove the non-free RFC in future releases;
> I'll send along the other stuff too.  As for examples, json_reformat and
> json_verify are partly intended to show what you can do in < 200 lines,
> so I copied those to an 'examples' directory in libyajl-doc.

Yes, that makes sense. I don't have any additional comments, so package 
uploaded. It will hang in Debian's NEW queue for a while until FTP masters 
manage to look at it and give it a go.

> > * Why the integer test fails on 64-bit machines? Aligning issues?
> One test fails if yajl can cope with 64-bit integers.
> Discussion here:
> http://github.com/lloyd/yajl/issues#issue/1
> > * I imagine that at this stage the API is stable enough and drifts
> > should be highly unlikely, is that assumption correct for yajl?
> Yes, I believe so.  Based on the above discussion, upstream sounds
> careful and deliberate about that.

True, upstreams seems to care about the library widespread use. Also, this 
would be a good chance to test icheck usefulness (C interface ABI/API 

> > Let's give some days to the rest interested to look at that library
> > package, to see if they can find any flaws. Then we can upload.
> OK, thanks!

Thanks for your work!

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