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Re: problem with git-buildpackage ... I'm missing something

On Sat, Aug 01, 2009 at 01:40:02AM +0800, Chow Loong Jin wrote:
> On Friday 31,July,2009 11:55 PM, Pietro Abate wrote:
> > dpkg-deb: building package `libminisat-ocaml' in `../libminisat-ocaml_0.3_amd64.deb'.
> > dpkg-deb: building package `libminisat-ocaml-dev' in `../libminisat-ocaml-dev_0.3_amd64.deb'.
> >  dpkg-genchanges  >../ocaml-minisat_0.3_amd64.changes
> > dpkg-genchanges: including full source code in upload
> > dpkg-buildpackage: full upload; Debian-native package (full source is included)
> Ah, I see it now. Debian (normal, i.e. non-native) packages have a
> version that looks like this: <upstream-version>-<debian-revision>.
> Assuming that this is the first Debian release of ocaml-minisat 0.3,
> then your version number should be 0.3-1. However, since your version
> 0.3 (without the dash, and the debian revision) it gets generated as a
> debian native package instead, and git-buildpackage ignores your
> upstream directory.

arggggg. yes. thank you for your help !!!



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