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Re: Can't open man1/optin.so: No such file or directory

> George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> writes:
> > There is no easy way for dh_installman to guess that optin.so as found
> > in source directory is actually a manpage content meant for inclusion,
> > so you should take the control yourself and install that files in place
> > from debian/rules either by copying it or by calling dh_install +
> > <binary_package>.install file containing something as follows:
> >
> > path/to/optin.so   usr/share/man/man1
> >
> > However there are two issues here:
> >
> > * optin.so should not be compressed since it is referenced to by other
> > manpages as `optin.so' as I see it, thus you should also call  dh_compess
> > - Xoption.so -Xgenin.so and so on... in order to prevent that.
> >
> > * lintian would later complain that your package actually provides an
> > uncompressed manpages, since optin.so and friends are left in place
> > uncompressed as they are referenced that way. You can of course override
> > this, however I don't think that populating /usr/share/man/man1/ with
> > random named uncompressed files meant for inclusion is a sane way to go
> > or at least that would need a discussion and conventions agreed upon. A
> > better solution would to include compressed manpage files, however I'm
> > not sure if that is at all possible.
> Another option would be to install the extra man page data into a
> /usr/share/<package> directory and then modify the man page to include it
> via its full path instead of expecting it to live in the man directory
> alongside the man pages.

That would be much better indeed. However, I suspect that the path to the files 
sourced via 'so' macro is relative to /usr/share/man/ (as 'so man1/foobar.so' 
was given in the example above) so having 'so ../<package>/foobar.so' in the 
man page should deal with it.

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