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pmgraph package

I think that this is the template you refer to:

pmGraph is a software application for network monitoring to work with

Subject: ITP: pmgraph -- 
Package: wnpp
Version: 1.2 
Severity: wishlist

* Package name : pmgraph
Version : 1.2
Upstream Author : Name <pmgraph-team@aptivate.org>
* URL : http://pmgraph.sourceforge.net
* License : (GPL)
Description : The purpose of pmGraph is to work with pmacct, a network
monitoring and auditing tool pmacct runs on a firewall, router or
bridge, or collects information from multiple routers, and stores the
information in a database. The database permits powerful analysis, but
is difficult to use. pmGraph helps by providing a simple graphical
overview of the network data recorded by pmacct, allowing you to see the
traffic of the local machines the most used ports and the remote
machines the local ones are connecting to. It let you see information of
a specific local or remote Ip or Port.

-- System Information

The package contains the War file of the release 1.2 of pmacct a
software developed on Java2EE. There are a script to create a default
database and an user for this database. It set a default configuration
for pmacct software to.

The dependencies of the package are  tomcat5.5 (>= 5.5), pmacct (>=
0.11), mysql-server (>= 5.0), sun-java6-jdk

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