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Re: ITS: arc-colors, gnome-colors, shiki-colors are ready

On Thu, 04 Jun 2009 22:13:02 +0200 Benjamin Drung wrote:

> > Again, that would be best. But if this proves problematic, would
> > simply removing this section be acceptable, since putting them in the
> > public domain explicitly gives up copyright? Implying that we are
> > relicensing them in Debian?
> Yes, public domain gives up the copyright. You can do what you want with
> it, including relicensing. So we can drop it. Evgeni, do you agree?

We can, yes.
I'd prolly write:
Files: *
Copyright: Victor
License: GPL...
 [...]GPL short version[...]
 Most of the icons derived from the Tango Icon Theme which is in the
 public domain and were relicensed under the GPL for the gnome-colors
 project. See [link].

Evgeni, ending the mail-flood for now and hating the fact that PD does
not exist in Germany as it does in US etc.

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smaller pieces.

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