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Re: ITR: febootstrap

On 09/05/27 23:57 +0530, Y Giridhar Appaji Nag said ...
> > > On 09/05/27 11:03 +0100, Richard W.M. Jones said ...
> > > > Dear mentors, I'm looking for a sponsor for my package 'febootstrap'.
> > > > 
> I will review the package and will send in comments (if any) / do an upload.


- in debian/control, Section should be admin (not devel) and priority should
  be optional (not extra).

- debian/control: Remove ${shlibs:Depends} from Depends, you don't need it.

- I am not happy with the presubj file.  People using a Debian package expect
  to file bugs in the Debian BTS and forcing them to use a different reporting
  system (that requires them to signup for an account) is not nice.  As a
  package maintainer, it is your responsibility to 'forward' bugs upstream
  etc.  Most users don't know what "bug is with Debian packaging" means.
  BTW, presubj files can be installed using dh_bugfiles (but that is not
  relevant here).

- A lot of dh_* commands from the dh_make templates are still in debian/rules
  but commented, please remove them.

- dh_strip in debian/rules is not necessary.

- Your intention in using dh_installexamples in debian/rules is to install
  "examples" folder also to /usr/share/doc, but examples are not installed,
  see dh_installexamples(1)

- The CVS directories (both upstream tarball as well as in the diff.gz)
  clutter the directories, please remove them.

- Please run latest lintian (as lintian -EI --pedantic) on the package.  Of
  the tags that lintian reports, build-depends-without-arch-dep,
  debian-watch-file-is-missing (and also diff-contains-cvs-control-dir,
  source-contains-cvs-control-dir?) are worth fixing.  Hint: lintian-info(1)
  and dpkg-buildpackage -I -i.  For fixes that you intend to make in the
  upstream tarball for the next upstream release, please include lintian
  overrides (See dh_lintian(1))

- Typo in debian/changelog: "Remove comments from Debian/rules" Debian should
  not be capitalised there.

- In debian/copyright, please include the "How to Apply These Terms to Your
  New Programs" related text instead of just "GPL (v2+)" in License:


- It is usually a good idea to maintain the debian packaging also in a VCS.
  Even though this package is simple, since you are also the upstream, I was
  wondering if you you would be interested in maintaining the Debian packaging
  also in upstream git (possibly on a debian branch).  In case you implement
  this suggestion, please add Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser to debian/control.

- Since you are using debhelper >= 7, have you considered using "dh" (your
  debian/rules will be very simple).

- Please do include an "upstream changelog" from the next upstream release

- Since /usr/share/doc/febootstrap/README complains rather loudly that it is
  required to patch 2.8, consider including the patches in the doc directory
  as well.

Best regards,


Y Giridhar Appaji Nag | http://appaji.net/

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