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Re: First steps


On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Federico Gimenez Nieto <fgimenez@coit.es> wrote:
I would like to begin collaborating in package maintaining. I've
followed the guide at [1] and, after looking at [2] for Os and RFAs
(specially those related with php, ruby or xml in general), i've found
at [3] an RFP for openx, a web advertising system which i use frequently
at work. However, i have no contact with the application developers.

You shouldn't need to be in contact with them right now. However, it is good to choose a package with an active and open upstream.
I don't know if this is a good starting point, could you please give me
some advice?

Pretty much anywhere is a good starting point, as long as (a) it's free, and (b) the source doesn't require a lot patching to work or manipulation to install. I haven't looked at openx myself, but as long as it doesn't require you to manually install random files, etc. it's probably fine. With that being said, the new-maint guide does recommend shying away from daemons and packages with multiple binaries for a first package. As a web advertising system, openx might fit into that category, meaning you might want to start with something simpler. Then again, challenges are fun.


Daniel Moerner <dmoerner@gmail.com>

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