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Re: RFS: pytemplate

"Ignace Mouzannar (-ghantoos-)" <ghantoos@ghantoos.org> writes:

> > When composing an RFS, it's usually best to give the full description as
> > well. Can you show that to us in this thread?
> Here is the long description of the package:
>   pytemplate is a small project intending to give Python developers a starting
>   framework. It allows them to properly create scripts without struggling with
>   configuration files and logging properties development. These are already
>   available through a main class that the new script will inherit.

Okay, so the implication in the current synopsis is misleading: the
package is specifically for providing a starting framework for *writing
a Python application*, not a generic template engine.

So, I'd suggest a synopsis of:

    framework for writing Python applications

> I hope this clears things up.

Next question: what advantage does this have over other similar packages
already in Debian? Specifically, I see that ‘python-application’ and
‘python-apptools’ look like they serve very similar purpose.

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