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CMake: drop linking dependencies from KDE standard targets (was: Re: RFS: kde-plasmoid-yawp)

Dear mentors,
in addition to the information you've found in the RFS I sent yesterday and
which was available from the BTS (#529815), I'd like to point out, that the
package is now managed in a SVN and the latest (development) version can be
obtained from [0].

Now I have a question about CMake and how to best drop a few dependencies from
standard targets provided by FindKDE4.cmake (and its included sub-scripts).
dpkg-shlibdeps noticed unneeded linking against four libraries. They are all
part of some standard linking target like kdecore. My current solution is to add
»-Wl,--as-needed« to target_link_libraries(). I didn't try to manually
string-replace the unneeded libraries from the variables for fear that might not
work reliably on a possible future binNMU if the content of the
variables/targets should have changed.
But »-Wl,--as-needed« is not an optimal solution either, at least that's how I
understand it from some blog entries on planet.debian.org in the past.

So my question is: is there any clean way to get rid of such unneeded dependencies?

Thank you in advance for checking the package and answering this question.

Kind regards,

[0] svn://svn.carbon-project.org/deb-pkg/kde-plasmoid-yawp/trunk


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