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Re: Dash and dot in package version

On Sat, May 16, 2009 at 12:22 AM, Jan Hauke Rahm <info@jhr-online.de> wrote:
>> - "2.2~rc3-hg365+dfsg1", but would have the "-" any drawback I do not see?

Ups, this does not work.

> What about actually checking some possibilities:
> $ dpkg --compare-versions 2.2~rc3+hg365+dfsg1 gt 2.2~rc3.dfsg1 && echo true

Thanks for the suggestion, dpkg --compare-version will be useful!

I think that the hg365 pare should come before dfsg1, i.e. upstram
version before debian repackaging

> $ dpkg --compare-versions 2.2~rc3.hg365.dfsg1 gt 2.2~rc3.dfsg1 && echo true
> true
> $ dpkg --compare-versions 2.2~rc3+hg365+dfsg1 gt 2.2~rc3+dfsg1 && echo true
> true

 2.2~rc3.hg365+dfsg1 is an interesting alternative. However I think is
is not advisable for the same reason why "+dfsg1" is better than

If in the future I want to do something like "2.3.hg789", and upstread
releases 2.3.1, this is going to be troublesome as:

dpkg --compare-versions  2.3.1 gt 2.3.hg789
is false....

so I think I'll go for

Thanks for the hints,

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