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Re: Bug 510765 won't appear as closed

found 510765 1.4.1-1
found 510765 1.4.23-1
close 510765

On Thu, 14 May 2009, Rodrigo Gallardo wrote:
> Can someone help me understand why 510765 keeps on appearing on
> liferea's bug page?
> It's been closed in all the relevant versions, and the little graph on
> the left shows nothing but green boxes, but everything (the bts, the
> pts, my qa page) show liferea as having 1 open rc bug.

Because it's not -done.

In order for a bug to be shown as resolved two things has to be true:

1) the bug has to have been marked as done, either by a message to
nnn-done@b.d.o explaining why it should be closed, or a message to
control with 'close nnnn' (deprecated, because it doesn't tell the
submitter that it was fixed, but I'm using it in this message.)

2) the bug has to be either fixed or absent in the distribution which
you're querying for all architectures the bts cares about.

Finally, if you don't know why it's not being fixed, feel free to ask
here or in #debbugs on irc.debian.org; mucking with the found/fixed
versions when the bug was actually found in that version generally
isn't a good idea.

Don Armstrong

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