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Re: python setuptools usage in trac package

[Gunnar Thielebein, 2009-05-12]
> I am currently on packaging trac package from the sid repository to the
> current version for debian and ubuntu. The sid package is trac-
> The rule's file contains this line:
> >         python setup.py install \
> >                 --root=$(CURDIR)/debian/trac \
> >                 --single-version-externally-managed
> >
> When i packaged this version to ubuntu jaunty  which uses python2.6 as
> default python version
> the installation prefix changed from /usr to /usr/local for unknown reason.


additional notes:
if you use private directories, instead of "--install-layout=deb", you
can use set of other options (like --install-lib) - this will ease
backporting your package to Lenny. If you don't use private directories,
just use python-support >= 1.0 which is checking for Python files in
lots of places (including /usr/{,local}/python*/{site,dist}-packages).

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