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Re: RFS (resent): libdumbnet

> > recent version uploaded no matter what the upstream status is. nmap even
> > uses its own embedded copy of the library.
> Quite. That sounds like a bug in nmap, looks like it hasn't been filed
> yet, please file one. nmap also looks like it could use a new
> maintainer too.

Well, nmap has applied a ton of patches on top of its libdnet copy, and I've
only scrolled through the descriptions a few weeks ago - I'm not sure if I'd
like to merge all of those into the library if I was upstream-responsible,
so I'm not convinced that we can eliminate this problem by keeping the
Debian libdumbnet up to date... but it's definitely a step in the right
direction. ;)

I'll try to get in touch with libdnet upstream in the meantime.



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