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Re: Lintian clean? (was: Re: RFS: mpview)

2009/5/5 Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br>:

> Keeping the binaries is a good thing. One more point to use a
> virtualization solution for this. But also, is there enough space on
> mentors.d.n?

No idea there, I assume it is OK though.

>> I'd like a buildd network for mentors so we can check for FTBFS,
>> lintian warnings etc on other architectures.
> I would like to offer some of my old machines (from other arches, like
> ppc) to this buildd network, but I don't know I am am "trusted", not
> being a DD etc. :-/ (I am only a DM)

I'd hope such a buildd network wouldn't be restricted to DMs/DDs,
especially if the .deb files are mainly used for automated tests and
are otherwise only available to sponsors.

>> Reminder: there will be DebConf/DebCamp hacking sessions to finally
>> get it deployed, please join us.
> Uh... I'd love to attend this, but I don't know if I will be able to go.
> I'm taking my passport and I will see if I can get a visa, but I expect
> this to be the harder part.

Please mail visa@debconf.org, they can help you with letters of
invitation/etc if you need a visa to get into Spain.



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