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Re: Criteria for sponsoring packages (was: RFS: ripit (updated package))

+ Ben Finney (Tue, 28 Apr 2009 11:25:57 +1000):

> Note that not everything in Neil's guidelines are appropriate to *every*
> package.

Well, not even that, many of them are a pure matter of personal
preference, or apply directly only to him:

  1. Use mentors.debian.net
  2. Increment the package version
 10. You should be intending to join the Debian project
 12. I will not sponsor python, ruby, Java, KDE or mono packages
 13. All communication by email only
 16. The software you intend to package must be suitable for inclusion in main
 17. I can't guarantee how quickly your upload will be made

That's a 33% of his guidelines, FWIW.

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