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questions regarding libmimelib1 as seperate source package


I intend to maintain libmimelib1 as a seperate source package now that
kdepim 3.5.9 has been removed from debian/unstable.

I finally do have a working package, but before I upload it to
debian/unstable, I'd like somebody else to take a look at it.

In particular, I'm unsure about the following issues:

- I packaged mimelib as a native debian package as no real upstream
  package does exist any more. Several different tarballs, all different
  from each other, are available from the web, but the only one that is
  (more or less) actively maintained is the one in kdepim.
  Is it appropriative to package libmimelib1 as native debian package?

- lintian complains about a missing symbols file. I don't know whether a
  symobls file is really necessary for the library. In fact, I don't
  know much about symbols, so maybe someone can give me advice here.

- I bumbed the library version to 1.1.4 and kept soname libmimelib.so.1
  from the libmimelib1c2a package. The source changes I made where
  simple strlcpy() -> strncpy() migration, so a soname bump should not
  be necessary.

- The library package's name is 'libmimelib1', and it has Replaces,
  Conflicts and Provides headers for libmimelib1c2a. I also build a
  libmimelib1c2a dummy transitional package that depends on libmimelib1.

- I created the toplevel Makefile.am and configure.in on my own, and in
  fact this is the first time I have to code autotools stuff on my own.
  So I would highly appreciate comments about these and the configure
  target in debian/rules :-)

You can find the packages at http://people.debian.org/~mejo/mimelib/


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