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Re: RFS: docutils-writer-manpage 0.1~svn.r5690-2, urgency=medium

Piotr Ożarowski <piotr@debian.org> writes:

> * 0.1~svn.r5690-1 was never uploaded to Debian, please mark it as
>   UNRELEASED or (and I prefer this one, BTW) merge -2 and -1

Okay, I will release 0.1~svn.r5690-3 and mark previous releases of the
same version as ‘UNRELEASED’.

> * add minimum required runtime version to python-docutils: >= 0.5-3

Done. Just so I'm sure that I understand, this is because this package
now depends on a ‘python-docutils’ built with ‘python-support’, yes?

> * what did you have to change in order to bump Standards-Version to
>   3.8.1? (changelog doesn't mention it)


> * lintian 2.2.9 only informs about
>   extended-description-is-probably-too-short, please remove all
>   overrides

Aren't we supposed to release packages that are lintian clean, even to
the ‘info’ level?

> * BTW, you have some patches on debian-python ML that make debian/rules a
>   little bit nicer in this package

I've been working on these for a new upstream version, but will roll
them into this new release first. Done.

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