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Re: debian/copyright verbosity

Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> writes:

> On Mon, 13 Apr 2009 17:24:51 -0400
> Matthias Julius <lists@julius-net.net> wrote:
> I'd say condense all those down so that you only mention the one licence
> once. There's no harm in collating copyright as long as the licences
> are consistent (licence and versioning). Separate GPL-2 from GPL-2+ and
> GPL-3+ but if all are GPL-2+, it's fine IMHO.

Yes, of course.

>> or even further to:
>>  Files: *.c
>>  Copyright: 2006, 2008 Mr. X
>>  Copyright: 2005 Mr. Y
>>  License: GPL2+
>> especially for files under (L)GPL?
> I'd be happy with that.

Me too.

Other opinions?

> You still need the licence notice itself and I always put in the line
> about finding the licence in /usr/share/common-licences/ as well as the
> download location.
> debian/copyright doesn't need to be verbose but it does need to be
> complete and understandable by ftpmaster.

That certainly makes sense.

Thank you,


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