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Re: Properly obsoleting old subpackages

Twas brillig at 19:52:53 13.04.2009 UTC+02 when dato@net.com.org.es did gyre and gimble:

 >> What is the proper way to handle this change? Should I
 >> conflict/replace those old packgaes in new python-pyinotify?

 AS> You should just stop building them, and the old versions will get
 AS> removed from the archive semi-automatically.

Ok, I will just drop the -dbg package. Given it depends on
python-pyinotify (= ${binary:Version}), will it be removed smoothly on

 AS> Regarding the -doc package, it is very unfortunate that the
 AS> upstream author has decided not to ship any documentation in the
 AS> tarball.

During further inspection, I've found that docs are to be built from the
source code now, so it is not a problem.


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