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Re: Properly obsoleting old subpackages

+ Mikhail Gusarov (Mon, 13 Apr 2009 17:42:06 +0700):

> Hi,

Hello, Mikhail.

> I've got source package (pyinotify) with 3 binary packages built from
> it: python-pyinotify, python-pyinotify-dbg and python-pyinotify-doc.

> In new upstream release author dropped the binary module (hence there is
> no need for python-pyinotify-dbg) and moved all documentation to wiki
> (so python-pyinotify-doc is no longer available).

> What is the proper way to handle this change? Should I conflict/replace
> those old packgaes in new python-pyinotify?

You should just stop building them, and the old versions will get
removed from the archive semi-automatically. Regarding the -doc package,
it is very unfortunate that the upstream author has decided not to ship
any documentation in the tarball. If it’s moved to a Wiki, I suggest
that you contact them at least once asking if it’d be possible to
include a copy of the documentation in the tarballs, so that users can
read it offline. It is not necessary that it lives in the same VCS as
the code: just bundling a snapshot in the released tarballs should be


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