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Re: RFS: cppcheck, new upstream version 1.31

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 5:09 AM, Reijo Tomperi
<aggro80@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> Thanks again, but the question is more about whether we should use git logs,
> or ticket list (of closed tickets), or just the short summary we put in
> sourceforge news page. Not really sure what people would prefer to see. That
> probably depends on what they are looking for.
> Most common seems to be full list of git logs, similar to what that tool
> produces. But is that what people really want?

The GNU coding standards say to put the list of user-visible changes
since the last release in the NEWS file and the ChangeLog is a list of
individual changes to the source code as they occur. These days the
ChangeLog is often generated from VCS logs.

There is no standard way that upstreams use NEWS/ChangeLog (or
CHANGES.txt or FONTLOG.txt or README.txt or whatever name one
particular upstream chose). Pick one method that you like and stick
with it. Personally I use a hand-written NEWS and ChangeLog generated
from cvs2cl/svn2cl/git2cl. My choice is mainly because I read the GNU
standards document many years ago when I started getting into free
software and using x2cl is easier than maintaining a ChangeLog as well
as the VCS commit messages. Of course, using x2cl requires that your
VCS commit entries are well written and explain things properly, many
projects don't have the discipline to do that.

One limitation of git2cl is that it doesn't seem to handle
branch/merge stuff nicely.



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