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Fluidsynth: LGPL library linking to a GPL one

Hello mentors,

I'm in the process of adopting an orphaned package, fluidsynth.
Fluidsynth can be configured with or without liblash support. Now, all
fluidsynth code is LGPL, but liblash is GPL.

Existing package links with libcca, which is a predecessor to liblash
(libcca is also GPL). They can't both be linked and according to
comments in the source the libcca support is "deprecated and should be
removed someday".

So the first question is; should I link with liblash, continue to link
with libcca, or none of them?

If I link with liblash/libcca, we have a potential problem if non-GPL
compatible programs want to link with libfluidsynth. (I don't know if
any program is in that situation, but it doesn't seem unreasonable.) If
I don't, we lose some functionality.

Second; assuming I link with liblash or libcca, where should the
copyright file point to, LGPL or GPL?

Assuming I don't link with liblash or libcca, is there an easy way I can
search for GPL in the dependency chain (recursively) to make sure I
don't depend any other lib that is GPL?

(Btw, I will need a sponsor for the upload once I've finished upgrading
the package to version 1.0.9. Anyone interested? Otherwise I'll post an
RFS on this list when I'm finished.)

// David

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