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Dear mentors, 

About 2 weeks ago I sent an RFS for a debian-native package/program called 
fsprotect (available in mentors). I just show that KDE 4.2 is entering 

Can someone please consider sponsoring fsprotect? I re-send this mail as an 
urgent request. Using fsprotect all of us (well.. you.. I use it already :-) 
will be able to test the KDE 3.5 -> KDE 4.2 transition without risking 
anything at all. You'll only have to add "fsprotect=XXXX" as a kernel 
parameter and change a simple configuration file and you'll then be able to 
try the 3->4 transition as many times as you want. After each reboot the 
system will be restored to its original state and thus we'll all be able to 
debug KDE 4.2 upgrade before actually doing it. (assuming that fsprotect will 
work as expected)

I suggest that you consider this as a tool (best option?) for experimenting in 
this big transition and push it to unstable.

Thanks in advance,
Harhalakis Stefanos

p.s. I'm cross-posting this to pkg-kde-talk, since you may want to try this 
even using the package from mentors (which is in a good shape).

p.s.2. I'm only subscribed to debian-mentors so please CC me as needed.

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