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Re: How to proceed with old uninstallable versions of package?

On Mon, 23 Feb 2009, Eugene V. Lyubimkin wrote:
> I have a package named unetbootin, which is useful and installable only
> on i386 and amd64 arches (it Depends on syslinux, which is also
> available only on i386 and amd64). However, old versions of package had
> 'any' in the 'Architecture' field, but as long as unetbootin depends on
> syslinux, package had not propagated to testing because of
> uninstallability on these arches. 

I actually just recently was annoyed at the lack of syslinux itself
running on architectures which are not i386 and amd64. It would
probably be best to file a bug against syslinux requesting that at
least /usr/sbin/syslinux be built on architectures other than i386 and
amd64. [And yes, /usr/sbin/syslinux works just fine on powerpc.]

Don Armstrong

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