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Re: RFS: spacehero

Moin moin,

thanks a LOT for your input.

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 12:10:33PM +0100, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> You claim in debian/copyright you downloaded it from
> http://spacehero.koalo.de/, but that website directly only lists
> a different file with a different version number.

Florian (the site admin) has a notice in his Inbox. We currently
develop in two git-repos: 

> Other packaging things:
>  * Standards-Version is already a bit old
now at 3.8.0 (my dh_make was a bit old)

>  * the description is a bit terse
is now extended.

>  * You do not seem to build with the suggested -O2 -g, and support for
>    noopt is also not there.
added supoort for noopt in debian/rules. During the build i now have
-g -O2 twice? Could your please give me a hint how i doubled them?

>  * debian/rules could need a major clean up, configure not needed and things like that
most stuff cleaned up.

>  * what about a menu entry?
done for Games/Puzzles

> As you also seem to be one of the upstream authors:
> How about putting a copyright notice in the actual sources?
will be done.

> Some tipps about the Makefile:
> * Adding -l in LDFLAGS before the objects will break static linking.
>   [...]
> * it's nice to split preprocessor flags and compiler flags.
>   [...]
I think i have now implemented these.

>   The way you implement those also breaks for people wanting to give
>   make some CXXFLAGS or LDFLAGS (as that would overide the settings in the
>   makefile)
hopefully this is now better...

Thanks again for your nice input!

Viele Grüße
 Arne Wichmann

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