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Re: dh 7 broken by design?

Russ Allbery wrote:
> I really think this is a bug in make.

Probably, but who knows. It could just be a misfeature on which ghod
knows what somehow depends.

.PHONY: precompiled-binary-we-cannot-regenerate-with-gcc.o
> We can change Policy if we have to.  Arguably that line complies with
> Policy, but it feels icky to me; Policy's requirement that debian/rules be
> a makefile to me means that you should be able to use it as a makefile,
> which means not requiring special make flags.

I don't remember all the examples of ways to use debian/rules as a
makefile that tend to come up whenever someone suggests that that 
(IMHO restrictive and counter-innovative) requirement be dropped. (And
would prefer recapitulating that thread..)

But I had rather thought that they all tended to involve either:

- Testing if a target exists. Ie, something like
  `make -nf debian/rules get-orig-source`
  (close to equivilant: `debian/rules -n get-orig-source`)
- Being able to rely on various make features when running debian/rules.
  Ie: `debian/rules clean build FOO=1`

Both sorts of things continue to work with rules files that pass
additional options to make. I'm having a hard time imagining a
rationalle for building a package by running
`make -f debian/rules binary`

see shy jo

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