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Re: dh 7 broken by design?

> > #!/usr/bin/make -f
> > %:
> > 	$@
> > .PHONY:build clean install binary-arch binary-indep binary
> There is no way of knowing in advance how a particilar .PHONY should look 
> like, thus it is left to the user to decide on per package basis and populate 
> it as well. You can hardly blame dh scripts about the lack of artificial 
> intelligence.

Could you stop ranting and try to understand the real question?

I only tried to fix the broken example by adding a .PHONY rule. What I
blame dh for is that it implements .PHONY rules without marking them as

Let me explain the example in further detail:
For some reason some upstream ships a file ./clean that is invoked by
make clean. Everything else is assumed to be fine, so the simple 3-line
dh 7 example from the man page can be used. The package will then ftbfs
when built twice in a row, because ./debian/rules clean notices that
clean is already built and has no dependencies. Thus no action is
required and the build fails when creating the .diff.gz, because
binaries cannot be represented in the diff.

> > BTW: This gets even worse with Joey's plans for future dh improvements
> > like override_foo targets. Even though it is less probable that a file
> > named like that exists it creates a bunch of more "forbidden" files.
> citation needed...



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