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Re: dh 7 broken by design?

> Yes. For this reason, I avoid the three-line rules file (despite its
> cuteness), and use the .PHONY feature.


> > However that one does not work with implicit dependencies and
> > results in make thinking there is nothing to be done.
> Can you give an example of a ???debian/rules??? that does not work, and
> what the desired behaviour would be?

Well my basic idea was to add a .PHONY line to the 3-line example like:

#!/usr/bin/make -f
.PHONY:build clean install binary-arch binary-indep binary

This rules file is semantically equivalent to an empty one. The
intention was to force make to build everything even though files like
clean or build may exist.

BTW: This gets even worse with Joey's plans for future dh improvements
like override_foo targets. Even though it is less probable that a file
named like that exists it creates a bunch of more "forbidden" files.


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