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Re: FLOSS universities??

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 05:19:03PM -0700, Tom D. Davidson wrote:
> Please forgive me if this is inappropriate for this list.
It is one of those "which email list should this go to" problems.

> I have a one shot opportunity to return to school and am after a Software
> Engineering degree or a project based Computer Science program the focuses
> on FLOSS tools and methodologies.
It would be good if you could find it, but if not do not despair.
Surely the theoretical and abstract part of software engineering could
apply for FLOSS or non-FLOSS.  Even some low-level stuff crosses over; C
is still C even if you have to use that infernal visual thing.

A good solid start to me would be more important. When I was at uni
FLOSS wasn't even really an idea, hell even Linux was radical, but my
undergraduate thesis was the first two pieces of Free Software I wrote.
If you want it too, it has a way of sneaking in.

Good luck on your search and studies!

 - Craig
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