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Re: FLOSS universities??

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009, Tom D. Davidson wrote:
> Do you know of a registry or an organization that critiques
> universities on FLOSS principles? Maybe you have a school
> recommendation in mind? Maybe you think I should even worry about
> it...?

I think that it's far more important that whatever school you pick
have faculty who are good teachers and congnizant of developments in
software engineering; the best way to find this out is to talk to
people who go to that school and the faculty themselves.

Usually if the above is the case, they also are aware of FLOSS and
often supportive of FLOSS, but regardless, they should be supportive
of your efforts to use FLOSS. [And I should also mention that your
fellow students and the environment that they create will also have a
lot to do with your experience.]

Unfortunatly, I don't know of such a registry, and I don't really have
a set of schools to suggest,[1] but hopefully some others may.

Don Armstrong

1: The area that I have expertise in is graduate studies in Molecular
biology; I'm woefully ignorant of good SE faculty.
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