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libv8: library without SONAME

as part of ITP #497701 I'm packaging libv8, a high-performance
java script library written by Google and used in Chrominum, the
open source version of the Chrome browser.

The source code is taken directly from the SVN tags here:
It uses scons to build the library but the built library has no
SONAME, the only thing I get from scons is libv8.so.

The ubuntu maintainer of libv8* packages asked the authors to add
the SONAME in november:

So, my question is: how should I proceed? Stop packaging until the
SONAME is avaiable? Do as the ubuntu maintainer does? (libv8.so in
the libv8 package and the .h files in libv8-dev?)

I've ready somewhere that /usr/lib should only contains libraries with
SONAME's, should I create /usr/lib/v8/ and put the library in there? (as
it was done with mozilla libraries?)

Please feel free to forward this to debian-devel@ if you think that
debian-mentors@ is not the right place for this discussion.


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