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Re: Compiled easter egg in a arch:all package

On Mon, 09 Feb 2009, Bertrand Marc wrote:
> I have contacted upstream about this, and they say the easter-egg is
> not really important and is not part of the program. How would you
> handle this easter-egg ? Should I simply remove the built version ?
> Should I build it and make PlayOnLinux arch:any ? I guess the second
> solution would be a waste of buildd time, isn't it ?

In order of my preference:

1) If the easter egg is fun and you have time, consider implementing
   it in python

2) Don't distribute the easter egg in the package; possibly put source
   in /usr/share/doc/<package>/examples (?)

I wouldn't even consider making it Arch: any unless #1 was
prohibitive, and the easter egg was so amusing that it demanded to be
seen. [It would have to be so amusing that I would have packaged it

The reason why you shouldn't have useless Arch:any packages is
primarily because it wastes archive space; an Arch: all package uses
an order of magnitude less space than an equivalent Arch: any package.

Don Armstrong

There is no mechanical problem so difficult that it cannot be solved
by brute strength and ignorance.
 -- William's Law

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