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Re: RFS: sqldeveloper-package

Neil Williams wrote:
> On Wed, 04 Feb 2009 19:01:42 +0000
> Lazarus Long <lazarus.long@bigfoot.com> wrote:
>> In general your point is correct, but this is a native package, so
>> nobody else could be applying to package it.
> That is not the point. Developers respond to your intent according to
> similar packages that already exist, errors in the ITP itself, problems
> with name clashes and almost anything else that may come up. 
> Every package needs an ITP, native doesn't make any difference.
>> Regarding if it's good
>> enough to go in the archive, that's one point of requesting sponsorship,
>> right? :)
> No. The ITP is separate - it gets to a wider audience.

Thank you very much for clarifying it.



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