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Re: How handle Architecture when package is restricted/limited to only some archs?

On Mon, 02 Feb 2009, Salvatore Bonaccorso wrote:
> tuxcmd is currently by upsteam "restricted" to the Architectures i386
> and x86_64. [1]. As suggested in a previous thread I had put 
> 	Architecture: any
> in the control file, and now I'm having the following situation: On
> powerpc all Build-Depends are satisfied, and also the package get's
> build, but tuxcmd will not work at all on this architecture.

Why not? There's nothing obvious about tuxcmd that makes it only
suitable for i386 and amd64. If it doesn't work properly on archs
other than i386 and amd64, that sounds like bugs that should be fixed
(likely resulting from poor coding practices on the part of upstream.)

If neither you nor upstream is able to resolve the bugs due to lack of
access to powerpc architecture machines (or any of the other
architectures that this package can build successfully on) I'd suggest
talking to the powerpc porters (and other arch porters) for

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