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RFS: qrupdate

2009/1/28 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>:
> You should use a Debian-specific SONAME if upstream doesn't have one.
> Please teach upstream about SONAMEs, ABI etc and get them to do that
> stuff instead of doing it yourself.

That's actually already done, and upstream has accepted my patch to
add a soname, but hasn't made a release yet. We'll both be using the
same soname.

> debian/postinst & debian/postrm look like they can be removed and
> generated by debhelper.


> debian/substvars should not be in the diff.gz


> patches/add-soname seems to change the whitespace in the definition of SRC, why?

Why not? It fits into 80 columns that way. :-)

> patches/add-soname has a typo in one of the variables added: VERSIOON


> patches/add-soname needs some more metadata: upstream status, author,
> location it was taken from (if it was taken from somewhere).

Done. Where is this requirement documented?

> you specify debhelper compat 7 but don't seem to use the features of
> it (annoying for backports). Also, is perl 5.10 really needed?
> you should definitely ask upstream to implement make install.

They already accepted my patch to do so, but they haven't made a
release yet with the patch.

> you might want to send the function-reference script upstream along
> with a patch to integrate it with their build process.

I think I asked them about this; they weren't interested.

> There is some extra whitespace:
> tab character before the Source: package name in debian/control

Hm, I don't see this...

> extra lines in debian/watch debian/*dirs debian/*install debian/docs

Removed, but why does this matter?

Alright, I've re-uploaded the same package, making the modifcations above.

- Jordi G. H.

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