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Re: RFS: blimp

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 11:47 PM, Jonathan Wiltshire
<debian@jwiltshire.org.uk> wrote:
> IANADD, but some general comments until a sponsor comes along.

Thanks to you and the others for the help and suggestions.  I have
now filed an ITP and uploaded a new version that closes the ITP.
I also modified the copyright and package description.

> debian/copyright: you should acknowlege the copyright of the additional
> resources you include (jiu). On a related note, you should also check
> whether jiu is already in the archive and depend on it, instead of
> including it.

I found an ITP for it it (java-imaging-utilities, #431907).  If a JIU
package becomes available in the future, I will update blimp to depend
on it.

> Seems you build blimp, dcraw and some java classes all in the same
> package. IMO, you should split these so that either blimp becomes a multiple
> binary package, building seperate binary packages and having appropriate
> dependencies, or dcraw, for example, might be useful to other maintainers
> and should be a completely new source package. Later, when you or
> another maintainer wants to use these components for something else, it
> is trivial.

dcraw is in the source tree, but is not built by the debian rules since a
dcraw package already exists.  But it is built on other platforms, and I
want to keep it in the source tree for completeness.


PS: I just subscribed to the mentors mailing list, so no need to Cc me
any more.

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