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Re: Added requirement for translation of debconf templates

On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 05:24:05PM +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> Olivier Berger <olivier.berger@it-sudparis.eu> wrote:

> > > using debconf that requires sponsorship, that debconf translations are
> > > requested and updated by the maintainer on an ongoing basis.

> > You mean "that requires [my] sponsorship" ?


> In most cases, a rejection from one sponsor is taken into account by
> another, providing that the rejection is clearly explained and the
> steps required to resolve the problems are reasonable.

I feel you may be being a little too hard line here.  The important
thing is to make sure that translation updates happen promptly so that
as many languages as possible are handled well.  One way of doing this
is the way you're enforcing, to hold any updates that involve
translations until translations are done.  Another way is to allow the
translations to lag a bit but ensure that when they are available they
are included promptly.  Both these approaches have merits and what's
appropriate often depends on the package (often based on things like how
often there are upstream releases).

> In other words, any package that does not deem it necessary to call for
> translations *before the first upload and before any upload where the
> template has changed since the last version* should not be using
> debconf in the first place.

For the first upload I broadly agree but for other uploads I think it's
worth considering other aspects of the tempo of development - is the
effect of uploading without waiting for translations likely to be a long
term thing or is it likely to be a brief interlude in unstable.

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