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debconf questions

Dear Mentors,

I have two questions concerning debconf:

1) I have created a <packagename>.config and a <packagename>.templates file according to the debconf user's guide by Joey Hess. If I execute the .config file, the expected screen (it's a note) is shown, everything is OK. I have also inserted dh_installdebconf in the rules file. Now I hoped the Debian Magic would do all the tricks to show my screen while installing, but nothing happened. So, do I need to call the .config file "by hand"? And if yes: where? In the postinst? Or somewhere else?

2) lintian complains about not having sourced the debconf library in postinst. I have (following the user's guide) done this in the .config file, before calling the actual debconf functions.
Which one is considered better?

TIA and best regards
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