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Re: RFS: scid (updated package).

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 23:33, W. van den Akker <listsrv@wilsoft.nl> wrote:
> On Thursday 30 October 2008 23:24:25 Sandro Tosi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 23:11, W. van den Akker <listsrv@wilsoft.nl> wrote:
>> > Dear mentors,
>> >
>> > I have updated the package and would friendly ask if somebody would
>> > sponsor the package. I have added some message where it shows that its
>> > 'legal' to upload my package. I hope somebody will sponsor it.
>> Where we can download it from? Is it on mentors.d.n? If no, please do
>> it :) If yes, I'll give it a look tomorrow.
> Sorry, yes it is on mentors.debian.net. Forget it to mention due to the
> lenghty mail.. :D

Ok, please next time add a link to the dsc file or (even better) use
the template mentors exposes.

mh... in #487771 I read:

> I am trying to takeover the maintainership of this package.
> However because the previous maintainer doesnt respond I have to report
> him as MIA. This will take some time.

It would have been better if you clearly stated that the previous
maintainer agreed to give the package to you :)

Please try to be a little bit more verbose in your changelog entries;
moreover, there are 2 "New upstream release" one with and the other
without the bug closure (remove the latter). And be precise when you
write them: packages added to suggests are "toga2, phalanx" not the
one reported in the changelog.

Why you choose compat=6? it's an unusual choice, so I'd like to know
any particular reason (5 is usually used for easy backport, and 7 bot
the fresh new features it contains).

Please use everywhere your real name, since "W." doesn't qualify as such.

Since you stick to policy 3.8.0, and you're using a patch system,
please add a README.source to explain that (as simple as the one I
used in mathomatic, for example).

Why the change in Section? I feel like it's something relate to a
game, isn't it? Even more because menu section is Games/Board

What about a more verbose short description? "chess database" seems to
me too much "compress" :)

Remove the empty last line from debian/docs, and don't install CHANGES
as doc (since you already install it with dh_installchangelog)

I'm not so sure you want to change README and CHANGES wrt "/usr/local"
-> "/usr": on debian, no user needs to know how to build a package
(and if they need, usr/local is a nice choice) and the upstream
changelog is a list of activities done by upsteam.

Do you really need this:

++os.environ['PATH'] = os.environ['PATH'] + ":/usr/bin"

in scripts/twic2scid.py?

patch debian/patches/30_destdir.dpatch contains only
Makefile.conf.rej, so something went wrong: please fix it

debian/patches/40_chmod.dpatch contains a type: lintian vs litian

what exactly does debian/postinst ? It seems to me to be rather
empty... or am i wrong? The same for the other 2 maintainer scripts

debian/README.Debian contains a typo: for vs fro, and maybe add a link
to engines locations

debian/rules: what's the need to patch configure file if you then pass
variables with /usr/bin values & others.

I don't like too much the solution you're using in debian/rules for
building indep and arch targets:
- first of all remove "$(MAKE) -f debian/rules DH_OPTIONS=-s
binary-common": isn't depending on that target enought?
- what is the whole point in having *-indep and *-arch since you have
only 1 arch:any package? please switch to a "normal" rules files,
where in the "build" target you build the package, in "install" you
install stuff, an empty binary-indep and a binary-arch very similar to
binary-common and current "binary-*" targets.
- do you need CROSS variable (and all other vars and commands depending on it)?
- why "config.status: configure" and not simply "configure"?
- why not updating config.{sub,guess} as mentioned in
- if a target is -PHONY, no need to "touch $@"

debian/scid.mime: are you installing in usr/games or usr/bin ?

did you send debian/scid.1 upstream for inclusion in his tarball?

debian/watch: clear it a lot, removing all the comments line leaving
only "version" and the url ones; to download from sourceforge, use the
sf.net redirector, check "man uscan" for examples.

debian/copyright misses a lot of thinks: no copyright holder is
listed, along with copyright years; so please check *every* (really, I
mean *every* single file) source file provided in the upstream
tarball, and check for the "main" copyright holders, and list all the
files that differ from them (like ./html/scid.js); please be very
precise with this operation, it's really important.

$ scid
Unable to open mixer /dev/mixer

if you need OSS compatibility layer, that should be provided by
oss-compat; please check it and if that's it, please add to Depends.

I know it's a lot of stuff, so if you needs some clarification, just ask :)

Once you've ready an updated package (no need to bump revision),
please get back to me/mentors.

Sandro Tosi (aka morph, Morpheus, matrixhasu)
My website: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/
Me at Debian: http://wiki.debian.org/SandroTosi

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