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Re: RFS: scid (updated package).

Dear mentors,

I have updated the package and would friendly ask if somebody would sponsor 
the package. I have added some message where it shows that its 'legal' to 
upload my package. I hope somebody will sponsor it.

After a half year the old maintainer has handed over the package to me.
Now follows the final message where the maintainer says he has no problem with 
> On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 10:23 PM, Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org> wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> it's been a while since I was contacting you about your packages in
>> February 2006, but unfortunately, the packages appeared again on the
>> QA radar, mostly because Willem is has been trying to contact you to
>> get the scid package updated.
> You're right. I've not been very active with updating Scid. I'd like
> to promise that I'll do so "very soon", but I'm realistic enough to
> realize that is not likely to happen. I'd be happy if Willem would
> take care of Scid.

I have talked to QA if no Orphans bug must be openend so the mentors can see I 
dont hijack this packages.
This was the answer:
>> Now Peter hands over the package to me I would do a upload to
>> mentors.debian.net in the next days.
>> Is it possible to tag the packages as orphaned so I can let it upload
>> by one of the sponsors?
> If the maintainer agrees, you don't need a O bug.
> Christoph

Next are the comments from the previous mentor. 
> Some comments:
> - Consider adding a debian/watch file and a Homepage field to
>   debian/control.


> - Scid is not exactly a game, so I think the executables should go to
>   /usr/bin (as they do currently), not /usr/games.

Done. Section changed to misc.

> - It seems that texlive-games supersedes the tex-chess package, so it
>   would be good to suggest texlive-games | tex-chess rather than only
>   the latter.  (Note who is listed as the maintainer of tex-chess, BTW.)
Changed to texlive-games.  The maintainer of scid was also the maintainer of
texchess and texskak. I will make soon transition packages for both tex* 

> - You're suggesting phalanx, does analysis with phalanx work now?  If
>   so, you should close bug #107658 with the upload.

Not sure yet. Dont use phalanx.

> Good luck in finding a sponsor!  I would very much love to see scid
> updated in Debian.

Feel free to sponsor it... :D
> Cheers,
>        Sven


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