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Re: RFS: bzr-diffstat

also sprach David Futcher <bobbo@ubuntu.com> [2008.10.30.1044 +0100]:
> This is mainly an ease of use/usability thing. Ubuntu is trying to
> move to using bzr (and only bzr) for managing packages. Part of
> our freeze exception process requires a diffstat of the patch, so
> the idea was to make creating diffstats from bzr branches as easy
> (and as integrated) as possible.

Doesn't bzr have aliases? Wouldn't it be better to recommend
patchutils and use its diffstat with a pipe?

To be fair, Git does integrate its own diffstat too, but that's not
saying that this is the way to do it, because ...

> The plan upstream is also to "extend" the functionality of a diffstat
> (sounds silly I know), for example adding colouring (Small changes
> would be green, bigger changes would be red). Things like that would
> greatly help the Ubuntu release team make decisions much quicker.

... those changes should go into patchutils, really, don't you
think? I don't like the fact that Git duplicated the functionality.

> If you do not think this is a good enough rationale, then I will
> be glad to look at packaging more software and look forward to
> working with Debian again.

Part of the packaging process is to make those decisions, even if
others disagree. I am by no means an authority, but I do think that
this could be solved in a more Unix-y fashion. I hope you'll find
some time to consider it and make the right decision.

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