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Re: RFS: bzr-diffstat

On 30/10/2008, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:
> There is no git-diffstat or darcs-diffstat or svn-diffstat, but
> there is diffstat in patchutils. True to the Unix-spirit, it plugs
> in to all of these tools thanks to pipes. Is there a reason why bzr
> needs to have its own solution? Wouldn't it be enough to define an
> alias 'diffstat' that just does 'diff|diffstat'?

This is mainly an ease of use/usability thing. Ubuntu is trying to
move to using bzr (and only bzr) for managing packages. Part of our
freeze exception process requires a diffstat of the patch, so the idea
was to make creating diffstats from bzr branches as easy (and as
integrated) as possible.

The plan upstream is also to "extend" the functionality of a diffstat
(sounds silly I know), for example adding colouring (Small changes
would be green, bigger changes would be red). Things like that would
greatly help the Ubuntu release team make decisions much quicker.

If you do not think this is a good enough rationale, then I will be
glad to look at packaging more software and look forward to working
with Debian again.

David Futcher (bobbo)
Ubuntu Universe Contributor

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