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Re: RFS: nmapsi4

Sandro Tosi ha scritto:
> Why is "Section: web"? if you want to mimik nmap, its section is net.
> Please use a versione build-dep on cmake, since upstream clearly
> requires "cmake >= 2.6" but for example etch has 2.4.5 .


> What about add "graphical" to the description (just to clarify it's a gui)?


> Did you run a spell check on the long description? from "menagement" I
> can inferr you didn't ;) additionally the correct form is "to manage",
> and other little glinches


> Since you claim "Standards-Version: 3.8.0", you need to ship
> debian/README.source simply with a simple text like:


> Are you sure it's GPLv2+? It seems all the source code file (take
> "./src/core/nmapParser.cpp" as example) are GPLv2. Use the boilerplate
> from that file, and link to GPLv2 (and state clearly the version of
> GPL you'd use for the packaging; hint: use the same of the source code
> ;) ).
> Please leave the whole copyright line as
>     Copyright (C) 2007-2008 by Francesco Cecconi
> as (C) by itself has no legal value for copyright claims.
> Personally, I like to see Upstream autor and Copyright written in a
> new line and indented with 4 space (just like the GPL boilerplate is).


> Usually you don't need to specify "usr/bin" in "debian/dirs", since
> the upsteam intallation code takes care of it: is this the case too?

Right, removed debian/dirs

> Did you submit the manpage upstream? Or Francesco send it to you to
> avoid a new release just to add it?

I found that manpage on .deb downloaded from upstream website[0], so I assume he
will add it in the next release.

> there is a small typo in DP of
> debian/patches/01_fix_desktop_entry.dpatch (and you can s/=// in DP
> too).


> There are some dh_* call not needed you'd like to remove: find out what :)
> Please comment DH_VERBOSE.
> Instead of "cd <dir>; $(MAKE)" you might be interester in "-C dir,
> --directory=dir" make option.
> Please merge "rm -f *-stamp" into dh_clean (they do the same job).


> I think it's enough ;) Get back to me once you've prepared the new package.

It seems that something is wrong with mentors.debian.net, uploaded here:

[0] http://code.google.com/p/nmapsi4/downloads/list



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