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Packaging a library


I'm packing a library (not yet an ITP, just learning) and I'm having some 
doubts about it.

Upstream uses autotools, but not in a very correct way, I guess. The library 
is 3.5.6 version, but the configure + make creates libXXX.so.0.0.0. I have 
looked on the configure.ac, Makefile.am, etc, and I have not seen any place 
to pass a parameter to libtoolize. So, how can I "correct" this bug in 

Also, my second question is about to create a dbg package. Upstream has 
some --enable-debug that is a -DDEBUG. Looking on the source I have seen some 
std outs with this define. Looking others packages, I have understood that 
you create the package normally, and you add 

dh_strip --dbg-package=

line to put the striped symbols in that package. This is correct? is it 
worsewhile to generate that package?

And my last question is examples. Upstream has a directory with some examples, 
but they are not installed (noinst_PROGRAMS), so, should I to patch sources 
to install them? Or simply, do I copy the files?

Thanks in advance,


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