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Re: RFS: scim-waitzar

Good afternoon, everyone,
   I've uploaded my package to mentors.debian.net; it
passes lintian and generates no additional warnings.
I've also refactored the package so that it is no
longer a Debian native package; the orig/diff/dsc can
now be found at:
   Finally, regarding Simon's comment:
   >since there are no Burmese speakers on this list
that I know of 
   > it would be good to have an example of how to
   > verify correct function (what to type and what to
   There are two documents that can help you with
this. First, the WaitZar User's Guide walks a new user
through the typing of a few words and numbers, with
screenshots (on Ubuntu).
   Second, since WaitZar is cross-platform, I've
developed an interface specification that gives a
series of use-cases which cover all of WaitZar's
intended functionality. Actually, the User's Guide is
all you really need to test core functionality, but
the interface specs are thorough:
   To view these two documents, you will need the
Zawgyi-One and Myanmar3 Burmese fonts:
   If you run into any problems installing and using
scim-waitzar, please let me know. I'd be happy to try
and help fix the problem, and just as happy to get
advice and suggestions from more veteran users.


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