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Re: Need informations about BTS

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 4:05 AM, Laurent Guignard <lguignard2000@yahoo.fr> wrote:

> The bug i need to declare is a dependency of a specific patched version
> of libnet0 package that is under an ITA procedure ?
> I have found a "block" command of the BTS but i don't know where to find
> the "bug" number of ITA of David Paleino that intend to adopt the
> libnet0 package. Where can i found it if the block command is the one
> that i need to use ?

David intents to adopt libnet not libnet0:


libnet0 is marked as an obsolete library, you might want to get
upstream on dhcp_probe to switch to libnet instead of libnet0. If
there is no upstream for dhcp_probe you should create a new upstream
project for it.



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