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Re: RFS: liblunar 1.0.1-1 (updated package)

OoO En  ce doux début de matinée  du dimanche 10 août  2008, vers 08:45,
""LI Daobing (李道兵)"" <lidaobing@gmail.com> disait :

> in this new upstream version, author fix a symbol typo(from
> `l_unar_date_error_get_type' to `lunar_date_error_get_type'). I mean
> the symbol of liblunar-1-0 changed but the so version does not
> changed.

> but the previous symbol name is a type error and no one use it.
> currently only lunar-applet depends on this library and it does not
> use this symbol(it works well with liblunar 1.0.1 without rebuild),
> even the python-lunar package in this source package does not use this
> symbol.

> so, should i persuade the upstream to change so version. or this is a
> acceptable mistake.


I think this  is an acceptable mistake and you should  not bother to try
to get upstream bump its version number.

The package seems fine, I have uploaded it.
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because of network lag due to too many people playing deathmatch

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