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Re: Becoming a new contributor

(I originally sent this email to bartm@knars.be without the Cc to the mailing list. Sorry about the repeat.)

bartm@knars.be wrote:

> Does this program have a homepage on the internet where it can be
> downloaded ?
> Is it your work ?
> Have you registered a "request for package" (RFP) as described on this
> page ?
> http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/#l2

Yes, it is my work. No, it does not have a homepage on the Internet. I have no
experience in setting up servers or webpages. No, I have not submitted a
"request for package". This seems to be oriented toward situations where a
program is already being distributed on the Internet and a third party would
like to see it in Debian.

God bless,

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