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Re: Using debconf-set-selections in my package script

On Fri, 2008-08-29 at 15:37 +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hi,
> My package depends pure-ftpd, but only when it's using the standalone
> mode, which is annoying as this is NOT the default.

There may be a good reason why this is not the default - have you talked
to the pure-ftpd maintainer(s) ? Can your package be patched to use the
default mode?

>  Am I allowed to use
> debconf-set-selections somewhere in my package script to set it
> correctly? 

No - one package is not allowed to modify the configuration of a
different package.

You need to raise a debconf message, explaining what needs to be changed
and how. You must also ensure that your package installs cleanly and can
be removed/purged without errors *even if this option is denied*. Your
script must not offer to do this task itself. (You would be allowed to
restart other services but even this needs to be done with caution - see
the problems with dbus and network-manager restarts).

If the package is installed without the change in the other package - or
if that change is reverted for some reason later on - the package must
detect this and handle it cleanly.

The package must operate (within limits) with the "wrong" option, at
least to the point where a running process continues to run or a new
process can provide useful feedback to the user and exit cleanly.


Neil Williams

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